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because everyone rages

hate so much
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here you can rant about how much you hate things
okay, so this community was created as an alternative to whatdoyouhate due to the lack of proper moderation and such. the same principle of that community applies - venting, raging, ranting etc. but the lack of moderation of entries in that community often bred idiocy and bawwing to the highest level. so here's the rules, and they're going to remain at the top of the page for a while, just to iron things out a bit.

1] don't feel you have to self-censor yourself. want to drop an f-bomb? go for it. we're all mature adults here.

2] no formatting your entries. sorry but it's fucking ugly and often hard to read. obviously adding emphasis on things via bolding or italics is fine, but if we mods see purple writing in size six font and Comic Sans, you're out of here.

3] no bitching about other members in this community. they piss you off, either take it to the comments or over IM or whatever. any entries targeted towards another member will be deleted, and you will be banned from the community. no exceptions.

4] pictures over 320x240 under a cut. friend lists don't deserve to be stretched like that.

5] the mods are perfectly capable of doing their job. you are not our back up chorus.

we'll be operating on a three strikes and you're out scheme for people breaking the rules (with the exception of rule three). you have three opportunities to fuck up. use them wisely! =P

with all that said, go forth and hate. let it all out of your system.

your friendly (at times) community maintainers;

sylaristic and nakedrapist